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MDV Creature Lists
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Creature Visual Spoilers updated with Alara Reborn Cards!
4/27/09 - With exception to Humans and a few creature types that don't have VS pages yet on MDV (like Sphinx, Rhino and Cyclops), all of the creature visual spoilers on MDV have been updated with Alara Reborn Cards.  To give you an idea of the creature types affected:

Angels, Archers, Assassins, Berserkers, Birds, Cats, Constructs, Demons, Dragons, Fungus, Gargoyles, Giants, Goblins, Golem, Griffin, Horrors, Illusions, Insects, Knights, Mutants, Ogres, Rats, Rogues, Scouts, Shaman, Snakes, Soliders, Spirits, Vedalken, Viashino, Walls, Warriors, Wizards, Wurms and Zombies!  Phew!

Please enjoy! ~Streetz~

Creature Visual Spoiler Updates are in Progress...
4/7/09 - I am in process of updating all of the creature visual spoilers.  Thus far I've updated the following:

Angel, Archer, Artificer, Avatar, Demon, Dragon, Fungus, Gargoyle, Horror, Hydra, Imp, Insect, Knight, Kor, Leech, Lizard, Minotaur, Monk, Moonfolk, Myr, Mystic, Ooze, Ouphe, Phoenix, Rat, Shapeshifter, Snakes, Spellshaper, Spider, Vampire, Vedalken, Viashino, Wall, Wurm and Zombie.

I'm hoping to tackle the bigger creature types (like Elves, Humans, Birds, Spirits, etc.) in the next week or two.  Thanks for visiting Magic Deck Vortex! ~Streetz~

ALL* Creature Visual Spoilers Updated with card images.
6/15/08 - It's been a full weekend of work, but it is done.  All* of the creature visual spoilers have been updated.  But what's with the astericks?  What I really mean to write is All existing Creature Visual Spoilers on MDV, with exception to all Humans, have been updated.  Humans are now separated by color and I still have to post blue and black Humans.  Except that to be done soon.  Thanks.  ~Streetz~
Nine New Creature Visual Spoilers Added!
1/19/08 - I've added nine more creature visual spoilers to the Creature List Database including Pirate, Kithkin, Mystic, Ouphe, Kobold, Pegasus, Phoenix, Dauthi and Worm!  Phew!  Enjoy!  If you have any interesting tidbits, links or facts about any of these tribes, please email them to me! ~Streetz~
Creature Type Text List Updated - 215.  Formerly 216!
1/19/08 - With Morningtide, more Oracle updates were processed to correct some missed during the great update from Lorwyn.  Hyena is back in.  Anemone and Gremlin are out.  And thus, the text spoiler with links to the available creature spoilers has been updated.  ~Streetz~
Many Updated for the Creature Type Visual Spoiler Pages!
10/24/07 - In lieu of the Great Creature Type Update thanks to MaGo and Lorwyn, I have updated, added and deleted several pages in the creature visual spoiler database of MDV. The following pages have recently been updated: Advisors, Angels, Apes, Archers, Assassins, Efreets, Elementals, Elephants, Elves, Faeries, Fish, Giants, Merfolk, Shapeshifters and Treefolk. The following pages have recently been added: Kor, Soltari, Thalakos, Metathran, Horses, Thopters, Frogs and Juggernauts. The following pages have recently been deleted: Guardians and Lords. I plan on making more updates as the week progresses. ~Streetz~
Eight New Creature Visual Spoilers Added!
9/28/07 - Given the huge creature update announced on MTG.COM, I have begun some of the creature pages updates by starting up eight new pages.  These include Frogs, Horses, Juggernauts, Kor, Soltari, Thalakos, Thopters and Metathran.  Expect to see a few more of these new pages (Like Dauthi) in the future.  ~Streetz~
Creature Type Text List Updated - 216.  Formerly 354!
9/27/07 - If you haven't read the list of changes to creature types announced on www.wizards.com Wednesday, you might want to click here.  That will explain why I just updated the text list of creature types to 216 from 354.  ~Streetz~
21 Creature Visual Spoilers Updated Post Future Sight.
4/28/07 - With each new set that comes out, all of the creature visual spoilers on Magic Deck Vortex need to be updated.  I've complete twelve of the updates including:

Angels, Archers, Beasts, Birds, Cats, Centaurs, Clerics, Constructs, Demons, Djinn, DragonsDrakes, Druids, Dryads, Efreets, Elementals, Elves, Faeries, Fungus, Giants and Goblins.

At the same time, I am updating the layout for the Creature Visual Spoilers which include some new colors, a modified layout and a section for Creature Type Tidbits and Links.  If you have any unique information you would like to see added to the tidbits section, just send me an email.  Otherwise, except to see more (about 45 more pages) updates in the coming week. ~Streetz~  Updated - 21 so far.


Creature Spoilers Updated with PC Cards!
1/20/07 - All existing MDV creature visual spoiler pages except for the Humans page have been updated with Planar Chaos cards including: Angels, Apes, Assassins, Avatar, Birds, Cats, Centaurs, Clerics, Dragons, Drakes, Druids, Elementals, Elves, Fungus, Gargoyle, Giants, Goblins, Horrors, Illusions, Insects, Kavu, Knights, Legends, Lords, Merfolk, Rebels, Rogues, Serpents, Shades, Shaman, Shapeshifter, Soldiers, Spellshapers, Spiders, Spirits, Treefolk, Trolls, Vampires, Walls, Warriors, Wizards, and Wurms.  Enjoy!  The link above will take you to all of the available spoilers on MDV.  ~Streetz~
16 More Creature VS's Updated with TS.
10/21/06 - In an effort to finish the Creature Visual Spoiler updates after Time Spiral, I have updated 16 more pages.  These pages include Rebel, Rogue, Scout, Shaman, Shapeshifter, Skeleton, Snake, Spellshaper, Spider, Spike, Spirit, Soldier, Vampire, Viashino, Wall and Warrior.  The only one left: Humans.  It will take a while considering the large amount of Humans in TS.  Thanks for visiting MDV!  ~Streetz~
Eleven More Creature VS's Updated!
10/5/06 - I've updated more Creature visual spoilers here on Magic Deck Vortex including: Insects, Kavu, Knights, Leeches, Merfolk, Monks, Orcs, Plants, Nightmares, Lords and Slivers.  I still have several more to update including the now super huge tribe of Humans (which I'm saving for last)...  In the meantime, please enjoy the creature visual spoilers.  Thanks for visiting Magic Deck Vortex!  ~Streetz~
Unofficial Mistform Watch, post Time Spiral.
10/3/06 - WotC has again posted a Mistform Watch for all of the creature type changes, only this time it's post-Time Spiral.  We've gained:  Eye, Dauthi, Kor, Soltari, Triskelavite and Splinter.   We've lost: Cavalry, Dandan, Dervish, Flying-Men, Sinbad, Uncle-Istvan, Gaea's-Liege, Hunter, Mosquito, Sprite, Squire and Taskmaster.  I have thus updated the Text List of All Creature Types.  Please enjoy!  The official announcement by WotC can be found here.
Updated More Creatures Spoilers...
9/30/06 -As you know, I've been working to update all of the creature visual spoilers after Time Spiral.  This time, I've updated the following creature types:  dyrads, elementals, elves, faeries, gargoyles, giants, goblins, golems, horrors and illusions.  I plan on updating more this weekend.  In the meantime, thank you for visiting Magic DecK Vortex!  ~Streetz~
Nine New Creature Visual Spoilers!
9/25/06 - I am currently in progress of updating ALL of the craeture spoilers.  I only updated five pages for today, but I did add nine new creature visual spoiler pages!  They are Basilisk, Bears, Constructs, Crocodiles, Fish, Fungi, Hydrae, Lords and Serpents.  I anticipate finishing all of the creature visual spoiler updates in the next two weeks.  I did all of my organization, now I just need to implement the new creatures from Time Spiral.  Thanks for visiting Magic Deck Vortex!  ~Streetz~
Visual spoilers of the different creatures types (like fox, elf, goblin, zombie...) all in one place for your visual and refernce pleasure.Updated the Avatar Visual Spoiler!
9/12/06 - In the spirit of Avatar Week, I have updated the visual spoiler for Avatars!  Unfortunately, since I just updated it two months ago, only one Avatar was added: Scion of the Ur-Dragon.  Scion of the Ur-Dragon comes from Time Spiral and it embodies everything cool about a Dragon.  If you haven't seen the card, I would encourage you to check it out on this page.  Also, note that this list is Creature Avatars... Vanguard Avatars will get its own page very soon!  ~Streetz~
Unofficial Mistform Watch, post Coldsnap...
8/3/06 - Since the last update, thanks to Visions being released on Magic Online, the Ravnica Block and Coldsnap, the following creature types have been added: Construct, Cyclops, Nephilim, Weird and Juggernaut. Creature type we have lost include: Butterfly, Lichenthrope, Lion, Mindsucker, Mistfolk, Necrosavant, Warthog and Wildebeest. For more information about these changes, go hereYou can discuss these changes here. Thanks for visiting MDV!  ~Streetz~
Coldsnap added to all Creature VS Pages!
7/15/06 - All Coldsnap creatures are added to the creature visual spoiler pages on Magic Deck Vortex!  There was quite a plethora of creature types in Coldsnap.  Everything from Slugs, Yetis, Angels and Mutants to Wizards, Shamans, Barbarians and Rogues were represented.  If you see any errors on any of the pages, please email me or PM me in the forum.  Thanks for visiting Magic Deck Vortex - what the casual players use!  ~Streetz~
Creature VS Pages being updated...
5/12/06 - Given all of the new creatures from the Ravnica block, there are many updates to be done to MDV's creature visual spoilers.  I am currently about half done.  Included in the complete VS pages are: Avatars, Basilisk, Beasts, Birds, Centaurs, Djinns, Dragons, Elementals, Elves, Gargoyles, Golem, Griffin, Horrors, Mutants and Wizards.  Humans, Goblins and Spirits will be next biggest updates to tackle.  Thanks for visiting MDV!  ~Streetz~
Druid Creature VS updated...
3/6/06 - In spirit of MDV's first theme week - Druid Week.... I have updated the Druid Visual Creature Spoiler Page. Recent additions to the Druid creature type include Femeref Enchantress (thanks to the oracle updates for the Mirage Block on MTGO) and three others from Guildpact. Those three are Gatherer of Graces, Silhana Starfletcher and Wild Cantor. Please enjoy Druid Week! ~Streetz~
Nine Creature Visual Spoilers Added & more!
2/8/06 - I have updated all of the creature lists starting with A and B (including Beasts and Birds) to include cards from the recent Oracle Updates and Guildpact.  I have also added nine!... yes... NINE new creature visual spoilers including Artificers, Assassins, Berserkers, Gargoyles, Plants, Scouts, Shades, Cephalids and Advisors.  Remember, if you ever seen an error on one of these pages to email me.  Thanks for that and also for visiting Magic Deck Vortex! ~John Streetz~
Creature Lists being updated.
1/24/06 - The (visual) creature lists are in the process of being updated to include cards from the Ravnica block, Ninth edition and from the oracle changes from the Mirage block.  I have finished about 30% of them so far and hope to finish the rest in the next few weeks.  Note that I am not updating them in any particular order.  For instance some of the A-D's and M-S's are complete or semi-complete.  I usually save the really large creatures lists (like Elves, Humans, Wizards, etc.) for last.

Also, if you have any creature lists you would like to see posted on MDV, noting that creatures types with less than 6 will not be posted, please let me know via email.   Some creatures lists I would like to add include Plants, Scouts, Shades, Gargoyles, Berserkers, and Assassins.  Thanks for visiting MDV! ~John Streetz~

Unofficial Mistform Watch...
1/22/06 - It looks like we have a few new creature types, and a few less.  With Ravnica and Guildpact there were quite a few additions.  Then, with the oracle changes for Visions... there were a few more.  The 'text' creature list page has been updated to include the changes.  Mind you, this is not exact as I might have missed a few.  I won't be able to confirm these findings until WotC puts up an official Mistform Watch.  Creature types that are no more: Warthog, Wildebeest, Mindsucker, Necrosavant, Lichenthrope and Enchantress. Creatures types that are new: Weird, Construct, Nephilim, Archon and Lammasu.  Thanks for visiting MDV! ~John Streetz~
Featured article:
Tekk's Creature Feature: Creepy Crawlies.
11/30/05 - As you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking one of two things: Either you are already familiar with me and are thinking “Oh jeebus, an article by Tekk? It’s probably got something to do with bugs.” Or if you’re not, “Great, another new writer. As if we need that!”. Well, the article is about bugs, and trust me, I’m going to be the polar opposite of generic. So, without further ado, I present the first Tekk's Creature Feature: Insects.You can discuss this article in the forums here. ~Tekkactus~
Visual spoilers of the different creatures types (like fox, elf, goblin, zombie...) all in one place for your visual and refernce pleasure.Angels & Elves Updated since Rav.
11/11/05 - I have updated several of the visual creature spoiler pages, but the two most notable and dramatic changes were made to the Angels & Elves pages.  These updates included the Ravnica creatures and the Mirage Oracle creature type changes.  Please enjoy!  Thanks for visiting MDV! ~John Streetz~
Visual spoilers of the different creatures types (like fox, elf, goblin, zombie...) all in one place for your visual and refernce pleasure.Mirage & Ravnica bring creature updates!
10/8/05 - With Mirage being released on MTGO, and with Ravnica hitting the shelves, several of creature cards have been updated to include new creature types.  From the Mirage set alone, creature types affected by the oracle changes include Archer, Assassin, Snake, Insect, Shaman, Lizard, Viashino, Vampire, Demon, Knight, Berserker, Human, Cleric, Cat, Spirit, Mongoose, Druid, Fungus, Gargoyle, Guardian, Artificer, Warrior, Scout, Soldier, Zombie, Cleric, Wizard and Serpent.  Thus far, only a few of the creature visual spoilers have been updated (any of the pages that I have updated are linked above).  And, I have many, many pages to add cards from Ravnica to.  I anticipate completion by the end of the month.  Thanks for visiting MDV! ~John Streetz~
Nine new Creature Visual Spoilers!
8/5/05 - Recently I added 9 new creature type visual spoilers.  Included in this list of new pages are Ninja, Specter, Atog, Centaur, Zubera, Bat, Lizard, Archer and Spike.  Please enjoy!
Mistform Watch - Creature Type Changes
8/4/05 - Based on the latest Mistform Watch, the summary of different creature types have changed abit.  Thus, I have updated the text list of all creature types.  Changes include the deletion of Behemoth, Force, Hell's-Caretaker, Legend, Monkey, Nekrataal, and Will-o'-the-Wisp.  Then there are the additions of Designer, Donkey, Gamer, Paratrooper, Pincher, Teddy and Waiter!  This brings us to a total of 388 different creature types on Mistform Ultimus. Also.. a bonus.  I have linked to all of the MDV creature visual spoilers on the text list for your navigational ease!!! ~John Streetz~
Visual spoilers of the different creatures types (like fox, elf, goblin, zombie...) all in one place for your visual and refernce pleasure.Ninth Edition brings some creature updates.
7/31/05 - Ninth Edition CORE set has made some updates to old creature cards giving them new creature types.  Some known changes include Ley Druid - now a human druid (from just cleric) and Goblin Lord - now a goblin(!) lord (from just a lord).  There are many others.  I am in the process of updating all of the creature lists (also to include Unhinged cards for the first time)... so far Human, Ape, Cat, Druids, Beast and Elemental have been updated.  The remaining updates to happen soon. Thanks for visiting Magic Deck Vortex. ~John Streetz~
Visual spoilers of the different creatures types (like fox, elf, goblin, zombie...) all in one place for your visual and refernce pleasure.SOK creatures added to creature lists.
5/28/05 - I have added all of the creature types in Saviors of Kamigawa into the existing creature lists (visual spoilers).   Note that not all creature types have visual pages yet.  The updated creature lists include: cleric, demon, druid, fox, goblin, human, insect, legendary creature, mercenary, monk, ogre, rat, rogue, samurai, shaman, shapeshifter, snake, soldier, spirit, warrior, and wizard. ~John Streetz~
Visual spoilers of the different creatures types (like fox, elf, goblin, zombie...) all in one place for your visual and refernce pleasure.Creature Types Page gets a face lift.
5/28/05 - In an effort to keep the site visually consistent and organized, I have updated the creature type listing/visual spoiler page to help navigate through the creature types.  Let me know what you think!  ~John Streetz~
Visual spoilers of the different creatures types (like fox, elf, goblin, zombie...) all in one place for your visual and refernce pleasure.BOK creatures added to existing creature lists.
2/2/05 - I have added all of the creature types in Betrayers of Kamigawa into the existing creature lists (spoilers).  I have yet to add a few more creature types like Ninja, Zubera, Bat and Boars.  However, that will come in the near future.  Enjoy the references in the meantime.  Creature types likes Shamans, Warriors, Demons, Snakes, Clerics, Fox, Moonfolk, etc. have been updated. ~John Streetz~
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